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“We don’t want to push our ideas on to customers, we simply want to make what they want.”

– Laura Ashley

We Solve Problems!

those you can see and those you arent even aware of yet
Cloud Solutions

Samsys Group is the disruptor in the mobile application development space. Having pioneered development of a wide range of industry-centric mobile applications, We are proficient in developing Android, iOS, native, hybrid, cross platform mobile applications and progressive web apps enabling businesses to be competitive and agile.

Secure Networks

We invest in the latest cutting edge Surveillance technologies giving you the customer state of the art Security solutions. Quality & Reliability is our standard

Design your website with us

We build websites that streamline businesses, launch products, handle secure data and much more.

We undertake all development work needed to support modern organisations:

  • API Development
  • System Integration
  • Database Development
  • Legacy Systems
  • More

Why you should choose Samsys

We Love Solving Problems

We started out in aerospace where we learnt to thrive on complex projects, overcome difficult challenges and have a keen eye for detail